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    Textures of Conciousness

    Is this an Art Book? Yes, because it assembles the art works of Yair Meshoulam and serves as an illustrated catalogue of his work to date. No, because it is an interface between art and text, where text is both language and image. In Yair Meshoulam’s Time is a Texture of Consciousness, the text is texture. No, because it includes poems by Ruth Fainlight and texts written by friends where consciousness is explored in all its facets
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    Tambar’s shows at the Edinburgh Fringe had a common theme. Steven Froelich’s characters in Weekend In Rio were all women, they were all American and they were all crazy. Nothing simpler than to theme Weekend In Rio with Crazy Ladies and to invite some larger than life American ladies to take part with a series of solo crazy shows. Joan Rivers, the rudest superstar doyenne of Comedy, and Sylvia Miles, indomitable actress friend of Tennessee Williams, headed the list.
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    Jacques Brissot lives and works in Paris. He began his career as a film maker, his movie Egypt O Egypt was selected as the official French entry for the Cannes Film Festival. Later his unique form of artistic expression, a reinvention of the most dramatic masterpieces of the past through collage, relief, over-painting etc., led to his immense success as a visual artist.
    Gérard Beringer was brought up in a tiny country village in the Ardeche region of France. The village lay close to a mediaeval fort, the Chateau de Thorrenc, which became the subject for many of his childhood drawings, and which today evokes his vision of the Marquis de Sade’s Chateau de Silling in The First Day.
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    Moscow to Havana is Steven Froelich’s first travel book. Others, to follow, will recount his holiday adventures in the glitz and gutters of Belize, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico
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    Guides are an essential element in the promotion of culture since they are the means by which the public can find quality content and by which talented artists are recognized. Everything, except the web, has a guide, and the reason the web has no guide is because it is too large. Wonderland has addressed this problem and created a multi-language Guide to cultural creativity on the web.
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