1. PhD awarded 1995 (co-supervisor with Professor G Grudzinskas): Karen Price: The typing of fetal antigen 2 and its measurement in normal and trisomic amniotic fluid. University of London.

2. PhD awarded 1996: John Peniston-Bird: The development of novel methods for the measurement of melatonin and its principal metabolite 6 suphatoxy-melatonin . University of London.

3. PhD awarded 1997: Wei-Li Di: A critical evaluation of newly developed RIAs for the estimation of melatonin and its sulphate metabolites in blood and urine. University of London .

4. PhD awarded 1998: Cathy Street: The purification and characterisation of biological and synthetic 6-sulphatoxy melatonin and its use with melatonin as a marker of metabolic polymorphism. University of London.

5. PhD awarded 2001 (co-supervisor with Mr O Djahanbakhch): Aban Kadva: Melatonin and LH pulsatility in human reproduction. University of London