Good Morning

Good Morning? Is a dark and brilliant comedy by Eddie Rosen. In the Tambar Programme for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Robert Silman wrote: “The author and broadcaster Michael Rosen, one of my oldest and closest friends, suffered an incredible loss when his 18 year old son, Eddie, died after a brief but catastrophic meningococcal infection. Eddie was enamoured of theatre and had just sent me the script of his first play, Good Morning?. I thought it was tremendous, not just a talented first play by a young author, but a tour de force. I wasn’t able to tell Eddie how much I enjoyed his play, so this production is my opportunity to make amends”.

Tambar produced Good Morning? at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival directed by Sonia Ritter. It was an immediate critical success.

“A wickedly funny farce… Eddie Rosen has left an absolute gift to his actors… their characters are unnervingly real… a wonderfully simple concept even funnier for continually threatening to slip into deliciously darker territory… Put this on in the West End and you’ll easily attract a whole new generation of theatregoers”.The Stage

By the end of its run Good Morning? was playing to sold–out audiences, and was nominated by The Times as “one of the five best productions nationwide