They Offered Bob & Wilma Cash

They Offered Bob & Wilma Cash is a comedy written by Steven Froelich (author of Weekend In Rio, It Woulda Been Nice and Moscow to Havana). It is set in a children’s shoe store, and, just as in Weekend In Rio, its principal protagonist is Sugar Cube. The play tells how Sugar is determined to win the new mall store from her arch rival Wilma Cash. The ruin of Sugar’s ambitions is blamed on her worthless son, Chester, and her inadequate husband, Clark, but is really the result of her own ineptitude. The comedy is heightened by the activity in the shoe store, where the children (puppets) communicate with Sugar through a large stuffed basset.

Tambar produced They Offered Bob & Wilma Cash at Theatre Clwyd with Sylvia Miles in the starring role of Sugar, and the author playing Chester.

It belts along a convoluted comic circuit, taking the narrative bends at an exhilarating pace and screaming down the straights with calculated glee…This comedy is a pungent examination of the American Dream and its nightmares, but in particular it is a penetrating analysis of the mother/son syndrome, so beloved of American theatre. The dialogue is a veritable cascade of witticisms charged with irony and an underlying anger... A rip-roaring roller-coaster of a comedy by Steven Froelich a distinctive new voice in the American theatre”. Bob Roberts Western Mail.