See How Beautiful I Am

See How Beautiful I Am was commissioned by Tambar from author Paul Minx. It formed part of Tambar’s Crazy Lady season at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and is a one woman show where Debora Weston played Jacqueline Susann, author of Valley of the Dolls, set in a hospital reminiscing on her life and loves on the night before she dies.

Its success in Edinburgh was rapidly followed by a transfer to the Bush Theatre in London where it received some excellent reviews:

“I warmly recommend Paul Minx’s one-hour play about Jacqueline Susann, the author of Valley of the Dolls… a coruscatingly intelligent performance from Debora Weston, who never mocks, patronises or worships… but draws a malevolently objective portrait”. (Sunday Times)

“It is as uplifting as it is hilarious… Paul Minx’s script is immensely clever… Sarah Esdaile’s lively, inventive production gives Debora Weston scope for an impersonation that while ingratiating, doesn’t appear deliberately so… makes our laughter catch in our throats”. (The Independent)

See How Beautiful I Am was in the shortlist of Five Best Plays in London of both The Guardian and The Independent