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Texture of Consciousness - Yair Meshoulam and Friends

Is this an Art Book?

Yes, because it assembles the art works of Yair Meshoulam and serves as an illustrated catalogue of his work to date. No, because it is an interface between art and text, where text is both language and image. In Yair Meshoulam’s Time is a Texture of Consciousness, the text is texture. No, because it includes poems by Ruth Fainlight and texts written by friends where consciousness is explored in all its facets, from the intense subjectivity of the Locked-in Syndrome to its absence in Thoughts without a Thinker.

So what is this book?

It is a texture of consciousness

Textures of Consciousness (Paperback) – September 11, 2015 by Yair Meshoulam (Author), Karl-Heinz Pantke (Contributor), Mark Fielding (Contributor), Robert Silman (Contributor), Jacques Naoum (Contributor), Ruth Fainlight (Contributor)

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First book launch of Texture of Conciousness will be held at the Record and Book Bar, 20 Norwood High Street, West norwood, London SE27 9NR - On the 18th of September 2015 @ 6.30pm - Midnight

Visit: http://www.textureofconsciousness.com/

Textures of Consciousness Yair Meshoulam

About the Author:

Yair Meshoulam is a maker of beautiful and extraordinary paintings and installations, as well as a part-time guitarist, and self-proclaimed 'King of Wallpaper'. Born n Haifa in 1963, he has lived in London since 1966. He studied at The Royal College of Art (MA Painting 1986-88), and at The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art (BFA 1982-5) where he won a scholarship from St Edmund Hall, Oxford University. He has been a professional artist since his training, currently with a studio in West Norwood. He has exhibited extensively in London, the UK and with the British Council in Berlin.The paintings are mainly on board and on paper, with maximum dimensions of 1 metre. The subject matter ranges from the mythological to the magical to the mystical but in a contemporary or timeless setting. The style is figurative from the imagination -surreal, symbolic, magic realist - label it how you will. The influences on his work range from Magritte to Matisse to Redon.