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Robert Silman and Ian Young (Pseudonym Ben Abro) Political Thriller "July 14 Assassination" UK hardback Jonathan Cape (1963), re-published in UK paperback Mayflower Dell (1964). Retitled "Assassination" for US hardback William Morrow (1963), re-published in US paperback Fawcett (1964). Republished in US by University of Nebraska Press (2001) with historical essay by Prof James D. Le Sueur and retitled “Assassination! July 14” ISBN: 0803259395.


A decade before The Day of the Jackal appeared, Ben Abro's Assassination! July 14 became an international sensation, thanks to its sizzling plot, an ingenious,intellectual hero, and a realistic depiction of France's volatile political scene in the 1960s. In fact, the novel proved too real, provoking outrage and a lawsuit thatshut down its publication.

For the first time in decades, this gripping, underground thriller is again widely available. The equally riveting story behind the novel andthe controversy it spawned are carefully explained in an informative essay by James D. Le Sueur. Drawing upon interviews with the authors, court transcripts,and recent evidence and scholarship, Le Sueur examines how an item of popular culture could have had such national and international repercussions.

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Robert Silman and Steven Froelich (2018) There's a Bug Going Around. Tambar Arts; 2nd ed. edition (October 31, 2018)  ISBN: 978-1910133132

There's A Bug Going Around

There's a bug going around is a medical thriller/black comedy where the principal role is taken by HIV, the AIDS virus.

The virus encounters one human character after another, and each move advances the plot: “I had an image of the world gone crazy, everyone linked to everyone else in a sort of HIV carousel, like a Schnitzler play from old Vienna”. Part One is composed of short stories about three lives; (i) Felix, a psychopathic scientist, who murders his principal rival in his quest to discover the cure for AIDS; (ii) Darius, a vain rock star, who is infected with HIV, (and later becomes the guinea pig for Felix); and (iii) Henry, an Aids victim, whose bizarre death triggers the events which bring Felix and Darius together. Part Two is the trial and acquittal of Bismarck, the homophobic President of a drug company, for the murder of Henry, and the ferocious revenge which is exacted upon him by the gay militants. Part Three is the curing and abduction of Darius using the HIV antidote, the unmasking of Felix as a murderer, and a chase across Europe to free Darius. The whole structure of the plot is geared to the final climax. “Everybody was assembling in Venice. The entire cast of characters were gathering for the denouement. It was like the final chapter of a book”.

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