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Harry's War

Harry Silman joined the army as a doctor in September 1939 at the outbreak of the second world war. He cared for the wounded under bombardment on the beaches of Dunkirk and was one of the last to be shipped out during the mass retreat in May 1940. His division was en route to Africa when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour and, on the same day, bombed the British bases in the Far East.

Harry spent the rest of the war as a POW of the Japanese, fi rst in Changi jail then up country on the Burma-Thai railway. Harry’s war is the story of hell in the jungle. What makes Harry’s story unique is not just that he kept a secret illegal diary throughout his captivity, a mixture of personal and professional comment, but that he managed to write a comprehensive account of his harrowing experiences, as they happened, in the jungle camps up country when he himself was weakened and exhausted, caring for hundreds of sick and dying men. This book is Harry’s war in Harry’s words from Harry’s diary as edited and with commentary by his daughter Jacqueline Passman.



A True-Life Adventure Series

This series evokes the comic travel journals of Mark Twain and the Gonzo excesses of Hunter S Thompson but in the author’s own uniquely exuberant style.

Havana is Steven Froelich’s first travel book. Others, to follow, will recount his holiday adventures in the glitz and gutters of Belize, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Acapulco.



There's A Bug Going Around

There's a bug going around is a medical thriller/black comedy where the principal role is taken by HIV, the AIDS virus.

The virus encounters one human character after another, and each move advances the plot: “I had an image of the world gone crazy, everyone linked to everyone else in a sort of HIV carousel, like a Schnitzler play from old Vienna”. Part One is composed of short stories about three lives; (i) Felix, a psychopathic scientist, who murders his principal rival in his quest to discover the cure for AIDS; (ii) Darius, a vain rock star, who is infected with HIV, (and later becomes the guinea pig for Felix); and (iii) Henry, an Aids victim, whose bizarre death triggers the events which bring Felix and Darius together. Part Two is the trial and acquittal of Bismarck, the homophobic President of a drug company, for the murder of Henry, and the ferocious revenge which is exacted upon him by the gay militants. Part Three is the curing and abduction of Darius using the HIV antidote, the unmasking of Felix as a murderer, and a chase across Europe to free Darius. The whole structure of the plot is geared to the final climax. “Everybody was assembling in Venice. The entire cast of characters were gathering for the denouement. It was like the final chapter of a book”.

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Texture of Consciousness - Yair Meshoulam and Friends

Is this an Art Book?

Yes, because it assembles the art works of Yair Meshoulam and serves as an illustrated catalogue of his work to date. No, because it is an interface between art and text, where text is both language and image. In Yair Meshoulam’s Time is a Texture of Consciousness, the text is texture. No, because it includes poems by Ruth Fainlight and texts written by friends where consciousness is explored in all its facets, from the intense subjectivity of the Locked-in Syndrome to its absence in Thoughts without a Thinker.

So what is this book? It is a texture of consciousness



Cosmos and Chaos - Yair Meshoulam

Is everything random? Are the patterns we observe, and form, chaotic or structured?

This book is a collection of images and words that explore questions of awareness, creativity and improvisation, catastrophe and the organisation of complexity, with contributions from a variety of specialists. It is Volume 2 in an evolving series (Volume 1: ‘Textures of Consciousness’) and the catalogue for an exhibition of paintings, prints and collages at Gallerie #GH36 Mitte Berlin, by London based artist Yair Meshoulam. Did you pick up this book by accident or on purpose, or are they both part of the same thing?


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