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BLM Theatre Company

An Enduring Theatrical Contribution to Black Lives Matter


It was while attending a workshop in Chicago at Steppenwolf in 2000 that I took pot luck with a show at the Goodman theatre. It was August Wilson’s ‘King Hedley II’. To my shame, I had never heard of August Wilson until that evening, but I was so impressed by the show that I looked out for his work whenever performed thereafter; and have had the immense privilege of seeing most of his cycle of ten plays which describe the experience of African Americans across ten decades:

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“She has a commitment to entertaining that is breathtaking… Rivers’s hour barely pauses for breath, let alone dips. I will remember the hour all of my life. And every time I remember, I bet I’ll still laugh.” (Scotsman)

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    They offered Bob and Wilma cash
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    Weekend in Rio
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    See How beautiful I am
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    It Woulda Been Nice
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    Good Morning?

    Eddie Rosen

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    Town & Gown

    Two sides of Old England


Joan Rivers

When Joan Rivers responded enthusiastically that she was happy to head up the Tambar’s band of Crazy Ladies at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, everyone threw themselves into trying to find a theatre that wasn’t already booked.

In the end, the Festival Theatre pushed and pulled its schedule of opera and ballet to make space for Joan, and “Broke and Alone” was the first time in the history of the Edinburgh Festival that a fringe show played at an official Festival theatre.

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